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Cannot See Riddle

Cannot See Riddle - 26 June

I am constantly in front of you however you cannot see me. Who am I?

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Picture Cut Riddle

Picture Cut Riddle - 25 June

How can you cut the below shape into exact two parts by adding a single(not necessarily a straight) line?

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Maria Room Riddle

Maria Room Riddle - 24 June

Maria enters a small room.
The Door Closes.
When the door open, Maria is in a larger room.


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Guards Camp Riddle

Guards Camp Riddle - 23 June

Two guards were guarding the camp.
Guard-1 was looking towards the south to make sure no threat is coming from the road.
Guard-2 was looking at the north to make sure no threat is coming from the top.
Suddenly Guard-1 ask the Guard-2 why he is smiling?

How Guard-1 knows that Guard-2 is smiling?

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One Eye Riddle

One Eye Riddle - 22 June

What have one eye but sill cannot see?

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11 Letter Word Puzzle

11 Letter Word Puzzle - 21 June

A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
Z = 26.

Based on above rule, you need to find an eleven letter word whose letter sum is equal to 52.

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Similar Sound Words Riddle

Similar Sound Words Riddle - 20 June

There are two words one resembles the "state of rest" and other words is related to "writing/reading material".

Can you name these two words which also sound similar?

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